Make Money with Fingo

Be prepared to make money with fingo apps, whether you want to make this platform for your dropship  business or you are sharing and generating it by being a bussiness owner with fingo. Understand marketing technique to generate and master the techniques of SEO.

What Is FIngo App

bro! what is fingo app?

For me it's simple, it is a online shopping app just like shopee and Lazada. Where the item sold is cheaper on the market by offering Malaysian and their friends who wants to be just a shopper or business owner with fingo.

Why choose Fingo???

Because factories in China know the founders and their experiences.

Yi Jianping (known as Dong Fang) has extensive experience in sales techniques, internet promotion and e-commerce. This skill has been learned and accumulated over 13 years working in the Alibaba Group. Since 2004, while working at the Alibaba Group, Yi Jianping has been involved in many strategic decisions and has achieved remarkable results. Among them is the establishment of Ali Mom, Alibaba's online marketing department, China's largest brand and retailer. Prior to opening Fingo's social e-commerce platform, Yi Jianping was senior director of Alibaba Pictures.

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